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Considering the diminutive size of William Clarke's station buildings, they have one heck of a lot of windows and doors! I've been busy with the micro strip and plastikard and the results are below.


I'm going to try using slide glass in the windows of my next loco, but for this building I've used a clear plastic sheet for the glazing. The glazing bars are held in place with a tiny drop of liquid poly, applied with a 00 brush. I find capiliary action, rapidly bonds the bars to the glazing material and if you're careful with it's application any fogging is minimal.


The doors have been painted in Railmatch light and dark stone, the colours don't look quite "pink" enough to my eye, I'd be interested in others opinions.


Thanks to an offer of help from one of RMweb's members, it looks like a solution to the valance/awning bracket problem has been found. Suffice to say it involves CadCam, a lazer cutter and someone clever enough to have mastered both, not me a hasten to add!


I've tacked the windows and doors from the front elevation in position with sellotape, to show progress so far. The roof looks a lot better now its been tilled and flashing's been put around the chimneys.



I'm looking forward to making the awning, which is the next major part of the construction.


All comments welcome!


Best wishes




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