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MMP Weighbridge & Office Set


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I've not done much focused railway modelling for the last 18-24 months having been distracted by RC helicopters. Winter is here and flying days are few and far between so I've decided to dust off my tools and get some of the many kits I have built up. With a MMP Class 08 part built I didn't want to put my rusty hands near it until they where firmly warmed up. So I ordered up a Weighbridge & Office kit from David (amoungst other things!) as a starting point. I thought as I couldn't find any reference on the internet of this kit being built I would start a thread and show my progress as I go.


It goes without saying that this kit like so many of MMP's kits is super detailed and I suspect will turn into a lovely looking model when I'm finished. You get three etched sheets which inculde all the parts to make the office, weighbridge and a nice set of yard gates that are in the style of spear fencing. (Another kit that happend to end up in my order) Also on the etch's are some drain covers that are really nice and will no doubt be useful. Again in typical MMP way, the instructions are clear and contain good quality CAD drawings to aid in the build.


Here's some pics of the first few steps












Full album here


That's all for now

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