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DIY Mk2 Scotrail coaches

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Over the weekend just gone between a couple of fairs I purchased a brand new Bachmann 47710 'Sir Walter Scott' and I'm very pleased with it, at the moment the new favourite loco in the my fleet :-)


Now to go with it I also picked up some Airfix/Dapol Mk2 aircons, three boxed and near mint condition for £12 which I thought was pretty good. There are two first opens in blue and white corporate (Airfix) and a TSO in Intercity Executive (Dapol) and I'm now wondering how to improve them and make them match 47710 better, ideally in Scotrail blue stripe.


I know with this selection I'm not going to have a prototypical set, a lot of first class for a three coach trains, but for the time being until I get more TSO's and/or a BSO then I'll work with what I have, plus 47710 has pretty much cleared out this months modelling budget!! :-D


I've spent a few days looking around online and one here and currently I'm debating about getting some transfers from Electra as my painting skills aren't up to much yet, I have some old lima mk2's and wagons to try painting on at a later date. So what's the general opinion of Electra transfers? Does anyone have any photos of Scotrail ones applied to Mk2 aircons in 00 so I can get an idea of what I might end up with?


Also the other question is what to do with the roofs? The Dapol TSO is black whereas the Airfix FO's are grey and ideally I'd like them all the same. Which is more correct? IMHO the black on the Dapol looks better and goes along with the general better quality production is has (painted bogies etc). Hopefully my limited painting skills can manage redoing the roofs!


Any thoughts, advice or suggestions would be most appreciated :-)

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Hi nameless one....


You should use Google and search for Scotrail Coaches under Images.


There are lots (I mean LOTS) of photos out there that will show you what you are trying to represent.


Good luck!


Enjoy the seach - there are some real gems out there...




Thanks for the reply Phil :-)


The name is Tom, soz I should probably include that somewhere in my posts.


Cheers for the suggestion, I've done some google image searching and found loads of good pictures of late 80s/early 90s stock which is what I'm aiming for, though I am conscious I should maybe have some Mk3's in the mix as well.


It's what the Electra transfers look like in 00 that I'm curious about, I haven't found any good images of them on Mk2 Airfix/Dapol stock but if you know the address of some that'd be great :-)

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