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RR&Co Turnout Position Control

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Having used RR&Co for many years and now run my whole layout via the software I thought it was time I explored the Turnout Position Control feature.


If you are using this feature I would appreciate any advice you may have for someone venturing down this path for the first time - especially what decoder you would recommend for either Loconet or NCE ( as I run both )


Thanks in advance

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Hello G'day, probably of not much help to you as I use a Lenz system, I use the Lenz LS100 decoder that has built in feed-back (RS bus for Lenz). Each point is fitted with a twin micro switch, one changes the polarity of the frog, the other feeds back into the LS100 so it knows the point position, hence the five wires for each point on the decoders. The twisted pink and blue wires at the back (terminals marked R and S) are for the feed back bus.


However as I use an early version of RR&co (v 5.5) this is not really necessary as the software doesn't look to see how each point is set; it will simply fire all the points in a route regardless of actual state.


I do believe the later versions of RR&co (Gold ) have the facility of checking that all the points have fired and if feed-back indicates one or more have NOT it can stop the Schedule/train. In this situation point feed back is useful as it can stop crashes cused by trains taking the wrong route.


Still it is nice to see the actual position of each turnout on screen, especially if someone has flicked a point manually.


I am sure there must be equivalent point decoders for Loconet or NCE that can feed back the point position.



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Hi Dave,


What version of RR&Co are you using.


You say you have been using RR&Co for many years, could you say why you are now interested in point position monitoring. What do you think you will gain from it.


Sorry to come back to you with questions but a little bit more from you may help with getting the answrs you want.

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Thanks for your replies - much appreciated.


I am currently using Version 7 Gold and I am in the process of building a new layout from scratch ( thats another story)


I have noticed that RR&Co offers turnout control and thought I would investigate further whilst I am in build phase.


I use a mixture of Peco and Tortoise motors and have never had a problem with them not working but sometimes for varying reasons the point blades don't move ( debris from wagons normally). Hence my interest to see if turnout control would help - although I suspect not.


Some of my colleagues that use RR&Co have mentioned that it may help where RR&Co is slow n activating points during a schedule. I suspect this is partially due to them having short blocks and also may be solved another way.


Any thoughts /advice greatly appreciated.



I do have some Lenz kit on my layout (LS150 turnout controls) so the LS100's may be worth investigating

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Hello Mike,


Unless you are using a Lenz DCC system the feed back capabilities of the LS100's cannot be used.


You colleagues need to investigate the look ahead properties of their schedules which may help but without fully knowing their set up it may involve other fixes for their problems.


As for you, yes you can detect point position but be aware you have to understand just what is going wrong with your points. The point motor may well fire but the blades may not move. If the switch that detects movement is on the point motor then it is monitoring the point motor, not the blades. To get 100% point feedback you need some how to detect the movement of the blades by possibly getting the feedback switch moved by the tie bar. This of course is now monitoring the tie bar but unless the blade actually separates from the tie bar its as close as you can normally get to monitoring the blades. Yes you can go all the way but just how far and complex do you wan to go.


In many a year of running OO scale layout I have only ever suffered one blade separation and that was on a point that was 22 years old. Not bad going me thinks.


So if you do have your switches mounted on the point motors, have a look next time your blades don't move, jam as such, to see if the motor has fired and moved over. If this is happening, you wont see any advantage to using point monitoring in RR&Co.

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You are into the situation where its what you are monitoring that is the problem and not what you want the software to do.


Also find reading page 289 of the V7 Gold manual useful as this offers some form of protection if the train ends up in the wrong block after going through points.


It selectable in schedule properties right at the bottom under the heading of security.


Its a bit of a compromise but does offer some form of collision avoidance.

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