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Blog- Sylvian Tennant's achieve of pants! - Hve I ruined it?

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Oh dear! I it appears I may have, all of those bright colours... ah well never mind.


TBBH I'm awful at implying risk. But honestly After adding the vibrant rust colours I was a tad worried it may look awful once finished.


Anyway, as you'll find out later it turned out all okay.




Firsly was to applied a 50/50 mix of matt black and batt leather to the uncleaned bits of the loco (cab interior, roof, smokes, running plate, chassis, tender tops and coal space etc)


than once dry add the rusting colours.


As anyone who follows these blogs (you poor devuils) may be aware I tend to leave a signature piece of adding red to the chassis top where you'd expect to see the inner workings of the chassi and I have not let you down this time




I have also painted the cab interior as this was quite an exposed position.




Finally, I've wanted to add a crew but I simply cannot stand just adding a crew simple just coaling the loco and sat there looking into middle distance to I got all Ed Gein on them and butchered some Dapol work men figures.




TBC... soon... very soon... almost immeadiately


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