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Good afternoon,


No modelling today but thought I would put boards 1 and 2 together and test a bit of stock on this section and take a few posed photos to show the progress to date (not as much progress as I would have hoped for!).

This exercise was beneficial as I have discovered that the sides of the footbridge are slightly too low over the main running lines :banghead: (hence the card spacers to adjust the height), so tonight I will be removing these and filing them down.


The station building has had the first coat of paint on the canopies and still requires a second to finish off.


Anyway, here are a selection of photos. As always, all comments are welcome.


Class 50 arrives, London bound.



Bubble car heads off for Newquay.



A grubby class 50030 Repulse awaits departure for Paddington



View of the rear of the station building.



View of board 1 with the footbridge posed in place. Must make a start on those platforms on board 2!!



Class 37206 arrives with a short speedlink working and waits to run round its stock and head to St Blazey.





Class 45 storms through on Penzance bound parcels.



Couldn't resist this final shot. NSE liveried class 50 on CDA's!!




Best regards,




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