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Blog- halfmoon colliery railway - a rebuild and painting

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Well i've finally got around to using the humbrol spray paint. the ex OO sulphate waggon is now painted up, first in the black spray paint and then in the usual olive drab and red buffer beams



another job that ive been wanting to do for a while is to rebuild vehicle No 10 (the brake van)



i started again from scratch with just the chassis, but now with new buffer beams, new body and fake chassis timber to cover up the OO chassis



the five new waggons are now at a stage that they can be used, but are just chassis' ill need to get more planking. and theyve got some wonderfully detailed Bachmann wheels that i just had to buy. the platistruct lengths that i used, and going to use are:

4mm x 6.4mm, for the chassis and bufferbeams.

0.5mm x 2mm, so far used for ther the rectangular plates for the chassis bolts, and is going to be used for the sprapping on the bodies.

0.8mm x 6.4mm for the planking.


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