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Gluing nylon fishing line to painted plastic fence posts

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Hi everyone,

I've got a quick question about using thin nylon fishing line with painted Ratio lineside fenceposts.

We ( Barnstaple MRC) have about a metre of lineside fencing to do, with three line wire & posts, on our exhibition club layout, Tawbridge.

The posts are not drilled, & are already planted on the layout, so we are going to glue the line/wire onto the back faces of the posts.

We've opted to replace the original supplied nylon line, & we've chosen a much thinner, darker line.

Has anyone tried to glue these two materials successfully before, & if so, what glue did the job?

We are obviously very keen to get the job done correctly, & I wondered if I could pick your brains.

A couple of our members have said that they didn't think that those two materials could be glued.

Your assistance would be really gratefully recieved.

Thanks everyone.

Rob 'westcountryman' Morgan

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On an old diorama I had the Ratio security fencing and used superglue to glue the fishing line to the plastic posts. It worked well, but only a tiny drop was needed.


I've recently used the same Ratio fencing but have used a dark silver nylon sewing thread to imitate barbed wire, again using superglue to fix.


Best advice - use a fence post and try 3 or 4 different glues from superglue, modelling glue, PVA, and Bostik

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The reason superglue doesnt work well in many circumstances is that it can be difficult to exclude air - lack of which initiates polymerisation. You are trying to stick a round object to a flat surface - hence problems, lots of air around!


Try superglue and accelerator - the one that comes in a spray can works very well, get through loads on Abbotswood for rapid repairs - but use minimal amount of glue to avoid exothermic reaction and generation of nasty fumes.


Hope it works for you too



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Just before you begin - do you have to use the nylon line? I used cotton thread for my last fenceposts - Superglue on the back of the post, put the cotton thread on and then it soaks a little into the cotton itself, so the bond is very strong indeed.

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to add to Dave777 post,


tackle shops also do a lot of braids, coated and non coated, and very thin wire for pike fishing...10 lb breaking strain braid will be very very strong, and very thin and being a braid, will soak up super glue, so you can attch it to fence posts, or stiffen the end with the glue, for passing thru holes.

lead core wire in the thinner breaking strains, would be ideal for using to form sagging wires, power cables etc


It will be very strong, back in the day i use to super glue an inch of the braid down from the hook to stiffen it, never broke

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Thanks everyone,

So many helpful hints & tips, which we will follow with interest.

I've sorted out some braid to give a try to, & also some stipped down pike traces.

By the end of it all, we will have stronger model fences than the local council can do in full size!

Thanks again one & all, & a very merry Christmas from all at Barnstaple Model Railway Club

Christmas cheers


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