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Well that's what you get when the wife goes on a girlie weekend to a spa - time to do what matters!


I have completed the second diode matrix (to control the exit from the loops), built the control panel for the circuits and storage loops, fixed it all in place and wired it in. What's more, it all worked first time. I can now control entry into and out of the loops by a single push button per loop and not have to think about how the train is being directed.






The long line of green buttons is the exit and the red buttons are the entry.


At the top there are the point switches for the twin double junctions, which will be operated by servos. These switches will also control the signals.


The red button in the centre is the bell to the next panel.


The middle switch operates the isolated sections in the loops and changes them from incoming controller to ongoing and finally, the switch at the bottom selects which station will control the outgoing train - the junction (next up the line) or the terminus if its a through train.


The large space at the bottom is for the incoming (down) controller - which will be a home made inertia controller - half done, needs finishing - another topic!


Overall, a good weekend. Serious progress.




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