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Peco points and point motors


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Ok so what's the secret to getting Peco point motors attached to Peco O gauge points? I can't seem to get in any sense to attach the motors as the four holes required to put the lugs through and fold or twist are under the blades, and you can't get anything in there to twist or bend them enough to get them to stay attached, and I'm worried about using any more pressure than I currently am in case I end up bending the blades or breaking the point in some other way.


I know I have alternatives like under-board mounting plates and Tortoise point motors etc, but my preference, as I've cut big enough holes under the points for the motor, is to stick with the Peco ones.


I've fitted countless of these things to their N and OO pointwork but for some reason I just can't figure out what the secret is for O gauge.


The only option that I can come up with so far is to remove the spring cover, spring and blades completely then reassemble but I'm really not keen on doing that unless it's my only choice.

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