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I'm sure loads have been impressed with the working cyclists on the Dutch layout De Hezelpoort 1927, I've just got back from the Wakefield Exhibition where it's about 4 deep most of the time, next door they have a little display layout of the system and I've just bought a starter kit!

5ft of track, a cyclist and motor unit, now where to install it? I quite fancy a scooter and a motorbike on it too............


More details on the system here http://www.magnorail.com/index_en.html


In other moving traffic news, I've started to install a couple of loops of Faller Car system, tests so far have proved more than satisfactory, there'll be two circuits with the road vehicles turning off the tram route halfway down Grime St, so turning across the trams, which should add a great deal of operator interest (translates to crashes with the uncontrolled road vehicle) and hopefully a bit more viewing interest. There a 3 vehicles under construction, 2 buses and the lorry shown in an earlier entry.


Very quick video of one of the bus chassis rounding the corner into Grime St


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