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Scottish Rail Freight in the 80's

Simon Moore

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It seems i cannot solve running issues with small wheelbase steam locos for my Austwick layout & after some serious testing last night & this morning i am looking at the possibility of changing the layout around so i can salvage it & make a nice layout from what i have.


All my diesel fleet work super smoothly & very slowly over the pointwork on the layout without any problems so i decided to look into other areas to make a single track station with sidings viable.


Scotland seems to be the answer & gives me the option of running small loco hauled trains & having a bit of rail freight operating as well. The Scottish scene is the answer to my prayers.


1 of my sidings is going to be a log loading area which will give me a nice area to detail but i am left with what was a coal siding & a goods shed siding which is for some kind of industry but i don't know what.


Has anyone any ideas on what i could fill this area with ?? I'm not very clued up on the Scottish railfreight scene so i could not even guess properly apart from the log trains which i have seen in the past.





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Hi Simon, I suggest you pick up the latest copy of Rail Express. There is an article on Alex Hall's 'Ringburn Yard' layout which features Railfreight operations in the Fife area in the 1980s.


The layout has a small warehouse and unloading area, and a description of the the various commodities which were transported there in 80s. You'll find plenty of ideas for your layout.


I'm really inspired by the layout, and am considering building something similar myself.




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Hi Simon


I would Suggest MOD or Engineers traffic for the other siding you have. On the West Highland Line at Crianlarich there is a steam era shed that is still used by Network Rail I think one it is mainly road vehicles and maybe the odd track machine but in the late 80's wagons were stabled there Grampus Sewcow Sealion Turbot wagons would have been common almost any engineers wagons could have turned up though. Crianlarich was also used from the mid 80's onwards to load logs so this fits with your idea.


Also on the West Highland is an MOD depot that receives short trains wagon types VDA VGA VBA OAA OBA VEA were all used on MOD trains usually only four or five wagons.


Please let me know what area of Scotland you are modelling and I can give you some info on freight traffic


Kind regards





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