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Just a little closer to the painting stage. We have done a little more to the front end, just a few minor bits now. The main work has been at the rear. I now have the stones generator and injectors fitted. The later are from Meteor. All I need to do now is find some room for the trailing pony to swing. There is not a lot of that now. I am actually tempted to make it fixed. How that will effect the performance I do not know. I have got to do a bit of thinking about this one.

I have hadded the sanding pipes, I am almost in a position that the chassis could be painted and re assembled. There are just a few oil pots to add.







I have started to sort the back head out. I have got the major components and where they go. Just need to adapt the white metal castings to take a selection of copper wires.


I normally take the making of handrails as the indication of it being finished and ready for painting. But what the hell do I do with this one???


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