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Jol Wilkinson

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The LNWR Society have reprinted two of their popular Portfolios. Digitally printed on high quality paper and bound with card covers, these publications are of great value to modellers of the LNWR and LMS, as well as enthusiasts of Victorian and Edwardian railways.


LNWR 30’ 1” Six Wheel Carriages by Philip Millard covers the large class of these common coaches of the Premier Line. First introduced in 1886, 1,598 coaches of various diagrams were built, many remaining in service with the LMS, while some lasted into the BR period, several being preserved. Detailed drawings and photographs provide a wealth of detail for the modeller, for whom kits are available from several suppliers in 4, 7 and 10mm sales.


65 A4 pages. £9.90 inc. P&P




The Bill Finch Portfolio

Bill Finch’s acclaimed Portfolio of Locomotive Details has also been reprinted. Based on the very detailed dimensioned sketches prepared by Bill for the construction of his prize-winning 5in gauge model of the Precedent class 2-4-0 Miranda, now housed in the National Railway Museum. Some of the original photos were unavailable and have been replaced, and some new ones added, with the cover and five inside pages printed in colour. Once again, a valuable source of information for modellers of LNWR locomotives in all scales.


58 A4 pages. £10.50 inc. P&P



Cheques or postal orders should be sent to;


The L&NWRS Distribution Officer

58 Reynard Way



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The LNWR Society have reprinted two of their popular Portfolios.


I bought both of these when they first came out -- brilliant books and thoroughly recommended to anyone with any interest in modelling a proper railway.

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Don't forget the recently produced booklet as a supplement to the Wild Swan wagons book illustrating some of the remaining wagons.



Thanks P O B for reminding me.


The Wagons Supplement by Peter Ellis has details of less common trolley wagons, etc. 60 A4 pages and once again exceptional value at £7.50.




I believe that Vol. 3 of the Wild Swan LNWR Wagons series is well underway. Any vehicles researched for that but which can't be included may appear in another LNWR Wagons Supplement from the Society at a later date.


Details of all the LNWR Society publications can be found at http://www.lnwrs.org...Sales/index.php


Are there are there plans for any photos of Oerlikon EMU's published?




Not that I am aware of, although one or two people have expressed an interest in publishing their research on LNWR EMUs.


In the meanwhile an email to the Society's Photographic Officer may turn up something. http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/contacts.php

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