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Blog- The Farthing layouts - A roof for "The depot"

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I’ve been working on the alternative side of the goods depot recently. The sides and roof are now more or less done and I'm preparing to lay the ground and track in front of it.






The roof has caused much muttering and swearing. Some time ago I dropped the whole thing on the floor, and had to rebuild much of it. It is therefore now slightly out of true in some places. That's not really visible, but it meant I had to give up on flush-glazing it. Certainly a compromise, but I was getting close to abandoning the whole thing, so decided that I had better just accept it and move on.





I like looking down through the glazing to the scene below. Not really what the layout was designed for, but a nice extra bonus.





The roof structure gives a nice play of light and shadow inside the depot, which varies greatly with the lighting and time of day.





I prefer it when the shadows appear naturally...





...but they can of course be further enhanced by "staged" articifical lighting as above.





My struggles with the roof have been a mental barrier, so it's nice to be past that point. I can now get down to things I enjoy more, such as weathering these walls further, and getting the details in place.


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