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The last two or three weeks have been a bit of a blur, with a week's working trip to Norway followed immediately by Warley and then another week away from home on a course. Work is such an inconvenience when you're trying to develop new sound chips :-) As is customary with Warley, everyone left their orders until the last minute so getting them ready whilst in Norway was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately this possibility was forseen and a family member received full training in the use of the Lokprogrammer before I went and had everthing ready when I got back!


I've now taken delivery of a Heljan 7mm Deltic and 37, and an Aristocraft 66 for 'product development' purposes from Charlie. For some reason my missus doesn't see it as product development and unkindly tries to purport that I'm playing trains. I've fitted an XL to the 66, which comes ready-fitted with a great big speaker. Whilst it's very loud all I have proven so far is that Hornby and Bachmann aren't the only ones to 'throw' speakers into models with no regard to basic audio principles. It's going to sound fantastic once I've changed this but for now, people power has forced me to sideline it in favour of something else....


Yes I've finally been nagged into submission by all the Deltic fans out there. The question 'when will you be doing a Deltic?' is second only to the question 'when will you be doing a Western?' and has recurred with monotonous regularlity since I said I'd done the recordings. Well an XL has now been fitted in the Deltic and the first of two custom enclosures has been built, in the tanks. This will be sufficient to make progress on the sound project but I'd like to build another enclosure in the body to deepen the bass even further, just to see what's possible. I can confirm that test clips definitely make it sound like a Deltic though.


As for the Western, I'm working on that. The general answer to any 'will you be doing a xxxxxx ?' question is yes, where xxxxxx is UK diesel or electric. Recordings are generally made on an opportunity basis though so some projects will take a lot longer to appear than others. Anyone with ownership of, or access to a loco or unit may short-circuit this wait by getting in touch with me!


In the photo, 55016 Gordon Highlander looks stunning at Crewe Works Open Day, sometime in the 80's I believe.


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