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Rolling stock in Cotswold Rail livery


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I'm trying to make a complete list of everything that Cotswold Rail painted in their grey/Silver livery. So far I've got:

Three Class 47 (47316, 47828, 47200)

One Class 87 (87007)

At least one Class 08 (08871)

an HST power car (43070)

a Mk3 catering vehicle (Don't know if it's a HST trailer, or Mk3a RFM)


I think there might have also been some more Mk3s? Possibly FOs? Can anyone help with their identities and if the catering vehicle is an HST one or loco-hauled. And as a supplemental to that were they ever used in service trains, and if so who's? The only pictures I've seen of the Mk3 are at depots.

Anything else I've missed?

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