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I've been putting much thought into the pick up arrangement on these locos. My usual method is to glue a copper-clad strip across the frames underneath the loco to solder phospher bronze wire to. But there's the gear stretcher bar in the way so I looked at other methods. The chosen method is to solder brackets on either side of the frame, epoxy short lenghts of copper clad sleeper strip underneath the brackets and solder phospher bronze strips in place to act on the edge of the wheel flanges. I'm using the flanges rather than the tread for pick up as the treads on small wheels are likely to pick up a lot of dirt. This also has the advantage of tucking the pick ups up inside the bodywork thereby keeping plenty of daylight under the frames.

A pic;




The brackets are made from 6mm long lengths of 4mm right angled brass with one side filed down to 1.7mm, to clear the radius arms;




The only problem is that I don't actually have any phospher bronze strip in stock (about 2mm x .15 should be suitable?) so I'm going to have to send an order to Eileen's soon.


A teaser;






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