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A very good evening,


Almost six weeks into my new job now, my weekends of commuting and re-adjusting to colder climes, I finally found time to do some modelling this evening. I must confess, although I had snuck a small basic kit of tools in my luggage when I first arrived, it took another few weeks to work out what to tackle here. Its going to be pretty limited too, as soldering irons and nasty smelling glues or paints will probably upset my landlady...so, with her gone for Christmas yesterday, I saw a small window of opportunity.


My original intention, having bought a truck load of mathiesons couplings was to begin to gather rolling stock for PWIAB and close couple together in rakes of 4 with a DG coupling at each end. First up being 8 Bachfar PGA's in Amey Roadstone Company livery - a nice model, if a little plasticy in colour.


I thought this would be a nice straightforward task to ease me back in after a 6 week or so break, but then I forgot I had bought 8 packets of PGA conversion/detailing kits from Bernard of TPM - so I thought I would tackle that before close coupling them together :O


First up, the wagon itself, straight out of the box - apologies for pics am relying on an iPhone/iPad combo :D






Being a TPM kit, not only does it come with comprehensive instructions but a neat little etch and some white metal castings too...all nicely packaged up too I might add:




The existing wagon is firstly deconstructed and excess bits stripped away, namely the underframe detail and the end walkways and ladders. This took quite a bit of time and rather than tackle all 8 stage by stage I am glad I can use the first one as a learning curve. The other thing to note is that due to the need to fit DG's and the Mathieson 3-link couplings, I also cut away the ugly rapido box whilst I was at it, which cannot be denied does help give a little strength to the chassis.


Then, the etches are folded and glued together with a neat little assembly but care has to be taken as they are rather delicate. A small fold from the end etch became loose which I will have to reattach or use a slither of plasticard. The ends are formed and then the walkway and ladder structure is added. These were then attached with cyno and the discharge base was added beneath the chassis. Next up was the brake equipment which was added at the requisite end attached with cyno. The final touch was to strip off the old brake wheel, cut back the moulding and fix new etches.


Before you say it, I know I know I should have painted all the components before attaching them...but I know what I am like and they will never get done...especially in my temporary digs.


I attach a few pics of the completed wagon showing the mods undertaken but ironically, no couplings have been fitted yet until I complete the other three for the rake (should probably paint them before that but you know what I am like :no:)








And finally a couple of comparison pics:






So in summary, its definately worth doing as the fineness of the etches are apparent when viewed against the Farish ones, but I need to incorporate the lessons learnt from tonight and also remember that they are very delicate to handle from now on...as most things 2mmFS are I guess.


They may get another blog entry update once they are close coupled and/or painted but in the meantime, its good to be back modelling and posting again.




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