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Improving Farish 37


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So after my (semi)successful conversion of a Farish 24 to a 25/1 my thoughts have turned to my next project. I've got the decals and name plates to make my 37 into Cornish celebrity 'William Cookworthy'. But whilst purchasing the name plates I also picked up some etches to replace the roof grills and the windscreens. Now the roof grills are easy enough - I know what to do with them. It's the windscreen that's baffling me!!


I presume I don't just stick it on the existing bodyshell (that would seem to defeat the point) but how exactly do I go about fitting them. If I cut away the existing windscreen what do I do about the glazing? Because it seems to me that getting rid of the glazing for finer windscreen is losing something in the process.


Any advice or tips as to how to proceed gratefully received!!!



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