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ESU ECoS Firmware 3.6.1 Released

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I've just noticed that ESU have released Firmware version 3.6.1


Here is the list of changes etc.



- ADD: RailCom Support for ECoSBoost. In combination with ECOSBoost, even Central Station Reloaded can use RailCom now (however disabled by default)

- CHANGE: External Booster Control Timing changed to the original setting before version 3.4.0

- ADD: Added a "Hosenträger" icon, 2 aspects, Computerinterface 33

- ADD: Added a "Hosenträger" icon, 4 aspects, lefthand, Computerinterface 34

- ADD: Added a "Hosenträger" icon, 4 aspects, righthand, Computerinterface 35

- CHANGE: For routes, the symbol of the computer interface changed to 42

- ADD: Added a accessory symbol without real track output as dummy in routes.

- ADD: Support for F22, F23 for locomotive control

- CHANGE: in the Multicontrol screen, you can now change direction and speed on non-selected locomotives. (Only for ECoS 50200)

- ADD: Shuttle train symbol shown also on Multicontrol screen

- ADD: Using Multicontrol screen, you can enter the locomotive menu by clicking on the selected locomotive icon

- CHANGE: M4/RailComPlus engines will automatically entered into locomotive favourites list #1 (like the manually entered locomotives)

- BUGFIX: RailComPlus detection now works also with Tams-Decoders

- BUGFIX: The text that displays when a new locomotive is detected via RailComPlus is now located on correct position.

- ADD: NMRA manufacturer list updated

- ADD: "Ok and next" key added to the keyboard when editing text of accessories and routes

- BUGFIX: Motor-driven throttles will now follow movement also when operating in track control

- ADD: you can now edit links in the track diagram

- ADD: The IP device name can now be edited in the IP setup dialog. Will be published via DHCP

- ADD: You can now ask the ECoSBoost to blink for identification. We added a a button for it in the menu

- BUGFIX: No more crash when changing s88 modules from 8/16 without having any s88 module

- BUGFIX: No more crash of ECoS when exiting the menu while DCC programing is still active

- ADD: Shift key in the keyboard

- CHANGE: Screen calibration now turns off the track power


Track Layout:

- ADD: Added a function symbol without track, computerinterface 18

- ADD: Added a function symbol with track, computerinterface 36

- ADD: Added a unidirectional "Start-Stop-Button", computerinterface 37

- ADD: Added a dummy symbol, 2 aspects, computerinterface 38

- ADD: Added a dummy symbol, 3 aspects, computerinterface 39

- ADD: Added a dummy symbol, 4 aspects, computerinterface 40

- ADD: Added a bidirectional "Start-Stop-Button", computerinterface 41






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Hi Peter,


I have just re read your post and I think you have posted the update list for the last firmware update, not the latest 3.6.1.


If you had posted the latest list of features etc it would have had the V4 XL profile in it.


Possibly you have not uploaded the latest firmware to your ECoS.


This is a tranlation of the new items in 3.6.1


  • Roadways trigger RailCom and locomotive categories. There are 16 Lok categories. These can be edited in Setup2. Each locomotive can be assigned to 4 categories. When the roadways are as new condition locomotive categories. You can select up to 3 categories per locomotive condition. The condition tests to "contain" as the model has been identified and at least one of the categories of the condition includes locomotive. The condition test for "not included" as the model was recognized and the loco locomotive no category contains the condition (even if the condition does not include locomotive categories). If no address is detected on the feedback, or the address of any locomotive could be assigned, the condition is always false.
  • Roadways conditions can now be non-triggering, ie, they can not trigger a change in track more, but abgetestet in changes to other conditions.
  • In short, the trigger now in power booster monitor.
  • New LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder profiles and LokSound XL V4.0, updates to existing profiles.


  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
    • For problems with switching roadways when turning the ECoS, induction of infrastructure are disabled immediately after switching on. Required when switching from track, to run reliably.
    • Current threshold for boosters could not always be edited.
    • Solved various problems with RailComPlus icon and RailComPlus registration bar.
    • CSR sets RailComPlus locomotives no longer automatically with Motorola profile.
    • Decoder read adjusted not to DCC128 DCC28/DCC14.
    • Change profile or decoder type not changed unnecessary functions.
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ESU have accidentally republished 3.6.0 as "3.6.1" on the english part of the downloads section for the colour ECoS 2 (50200). The clue is that the zip fie sizes for 3.6.0 and "3.6.1" are the same at 8.01 Mb.  Just switch to the german part of the ESU forum and you'll find 3.6.1 there with a file size of 8.04 Mb. It will still be in english when you load it on to your ECoS as the Firmware is not language specific.


If you have a mono ECoS 1 (50000) the3.6.1 is available on the english pages, with a file size of 6.74 Mb for 3.6.1 compared to 6.70 Mb for 3.6.0..


Just put it down to too much Gluhwein, or them getting over-excited with the prospect of L.Net about to go into Beta Test phase..

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