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mark alden

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From what I can remember all but the cross country and Inter-City units remained blue until about 1976 when the first refurbished Class 101 came out in the white with blue stripe livery.


Throughout 1977 and 1978 more units started to receive the "refurbished livery" but by 1980 suburban units were definitely to be seen in blue and grey. The Railway Observers at the time probably have a note as to the livery change but it will take me a while to look.


At a rough guess I would say that blue and grey livery repaints for DMUs started around 1978/79. Obviously some units never even got blue and grey livery.

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I took a few photos of single power cars in the early 1980s

In february 1981 B132 (55032) was still blue, but by january 1982 it was blue and grey:-





check out the flickr group for 'UK class 121/122 and other heritage bubble cars' 

a group which that photo is included in.



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