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Electro-magnets with Alex Jackson couplings

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It is fairly easy to make your own. There is some useful info on Missy's Highclere blog admittedly that was for 2mm DG's but a bit of trail and error should sort it out. If you wind a coil to fit onto a nail it is quite easy to fit the nail between the sleepers with the head in the ballast. Slide the coil on from underneath. Basically the attraction of a electromagnet is proportional to the amps x turns but is also affected by the air gap.


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Hi Peter,


...probably tempting fate but I haven't had any issues with it in over 30 years of use. It is now going to be utilised to power the traverser approaches and linked traverser feed on Tor Giffard. Glad to hear of your alternative supply use for the iron...I'll bear it in mind when I'm doing similar work.


Enterprising use for point motors Brucie.





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