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InterCity 125 designer Kenneth Grange knighted

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Hi all,

Good news and I know he did the styling around a great engineering project the trains still knock spots off the plastic that now pervades the network. even allowing for the buffers on Grand Central power cars the black and orange sits well. Best livery will be the one that never made it beyond Crewe Works - a black upper on the power car sides but entered traffic with rail blue instead. sorry to say worst liveries are the modern greys and silvers do nothing for form or advertising of speed. Mind you the middle era MML with blocks on powercars and odd window treatment was grim.

Reading item Kenneth Grange had impact else where that I never knew so good on him.  I hope Wiggy also knighted is remembered after 50 years of impact! And well done to all getting honnours for what ever reason.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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