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Railway Halt Photo's on The Charnwood Forest Railway Wanted


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I've been collecting information and photo's of The Charnwood Forest Railway, in NW Leicestershire since 1974 - I've amassed many photo's, maps and drawings. However photographs of the Halts at Snell's Nook, Grace Dieu and Thringstone are totally elusive. After searching for so long I think that probably none exist - However I'm determined not to give up so I thought I would try this website since it has some very knowledgeable people. I've managed so far to find LNWR plans, OS Maps and even an artists impression of Thringstone, but no photo's.

Each station had a platform 60ft long made of old railway sleepers. A few years after construction each halt had a LNWR 'standard' hut added. Thringstone and Grace Dieu were each 16 ft x 8ft and Snell's Nook 24ft x 8ft. I did find a RAF aerial reconnaissance  photo of Thringstone but it shows little detail other than the roof. Tantalisingly there is a LNWR standard hut shown in later photographs next to the signal box at Charnwood Forest Junction near coalville that could easily have come from Thringstone after closure but of course there is no way of proving this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks.





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