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new member - old underground ernie track


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Hi all


My son is following in his grampys footsteps of being a model railway follower. After my dad started his train set my son has been begging for his own!


Being that he is only 6 my dad bought him the Bachmann Underground Ernie set last year to teach him the basics. At the time we didnt know if was discontinued but now my son wants to extend his track/buildings and I am finding it hard to locate any other "extras" for it.  Could any one give us any advise on this. I know that the hattons dont have any and have spent the last year googling it!


Many regards

a novice



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There's a couple of packs on Ebay at present but I don't know if that helps at all.



I believe there are two types of Ernie tracks, push along / battery in loco powered and model railway type (think Hornby Thomas)


I'm under the impression that the op is after the latter (otherwise, apparently Tomy is compatible)


With the latter, aren't the bases just clipped on like the Bachmann E Z track?

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so, if that's the case, un-clipping the base from the track and then it's compatible with Peco and Hornby track?

Only the pointwork is a separate track piece. I use my UE track as an impromtu test track, it takes up little space and is quickly clipped together. The downside is it's steel, although I've not had a problem with it rusting.


Going back to the OP's query, I'd consider starting again with Hornby or Peco Nickel Silver as it's easier to obtain, and even for a basic trainset, the lack of a raised trackbed makes it easier to disguise and work the scenery around.


Compatable Bachmann E-Z track ought to be available to order from any Bachmann stockists, but it looks hideously expensive:



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As a 6-year-old he will want to lift the track to try other designs of layout. I'd suggest Hornby or similar push-together Set-track which his UE equipment will run on happily. Masses available on ebay, and not too expensive new. at this age I'd tend to avoid flex track, it does not take kindly to frequent lifting and re-using.  The time has come to abandon the UE track i'm afraid. As prime mover in this, has his grandfather had an opinion?

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