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1988 Slam door stock interlude


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Hi All


Back in the late 1980s I wanted to build some models of EMU stock, but there was little info available; so I purchased some second hand camera equipment & off I went to the line side to gather

the required info. I started out with a Zenith E, followed by a Yashica TL, but this was quickly followed by a Canon A1. Then I got better & purchased a Nikon N90S. As soon a digital photography became available I just had to go that way.......Started out with a Nikon 990 then progressed to D1H, D2H, D2XS, D3 & now I use a D800, such is progress, more technology for less money:-)


Anyway here are some of my early images of slam door stock. It is a shame I started photography so late, but that's life.













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Judging by the headcodes (50, 74, 30), the Ramsgate/Dover-Victoria services were on diversion via Gravesend that day.

In the first photo, 4-CEP 1604 has the "slightly displaced to one side" 4-digit number, which was due to the painting out of the 41 in 411604. The first few units to be refurbished got 6-digit numbers when fresh out of Swindon, but later ones reverted to 4 digits, like the rest of the SR, and the 6-digit ones got the first two painted over.

There are plans afoot to rebuild Gravesend losing the centre roads for another platform I think. That handy footbridge is due for the chop too.


Like the useful patchy roof detail on the EPBs too - hard to model convicingly?


Edit: here's (41)1601 east of Rainham in 1984



(and now back to our scheduled programmes)

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