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Met's 2012 4mm Loco Kit of the Year Awards!

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Just wondering what folk consider to be their most enjoyable 4mm Loco Kit still in production 2012? Here's mine:




DMR SR Class Z 0-8-0T.


A brilliant Brass/NS kit. Superb etches with teeny tabs so the parts are easy to detach. Perfectly accurate with everything tabbed for spot on location. It's impossible to build it other than perfectly square. Pre rolled boiler and roof etc. Superb A3 drawings. Good level of detail with turned brass and cast parts as best for the part. Holes in the etch for such things as the valve gear rivets absolutely spot on with no need for any drilling. Etc Etc. Simply remove the parts from the frets and fit them together and you end up with a very nice model capable of useful work on the average layout. Superb and suitable for a beginner.




COMET Caprotti Back Five.


Again a superb kit but just pipped to the post by the design of the cylinders which are horizontally spilt IMHO.






No contest. A superb range of whitemetal kits which are designed to be easy to build and are of very high quality. They perhaps lack fidelity but once built perform brilliantly.




Martin Finney Adams Radial


Expensive and Exquisite but in OO you can't get the correct size wheels. When built it will only go in a straight line without shorting out so is utterly useless.











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Great thread John, and may I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year.


For me it would have to be Arthur Kimber's kit for the LNER J73. Beautifully designed, crisply etched with a mixture of white metal and brass castings - the material for each casting appropriate to what it is. This kit can be built with the chassis sprung or rigid and can be built in OO, EM or P4 with equal ease.


A kit which really does offer the comparative beginner an entre into the world of etched kit building and which produces a really lovely model of an ex-NER, LNER and BR (NE) shunting locomotive.





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You'd have to go a long way to improve on the Highlevel Y5 GER Coffee pot.


Beautifully accurate etch, everything fits, produces a very robust and detailed model of a very small loco, although I'm afraid the between frame valve gear detail, just visible through the frame cut-outs, is a bit sketchy.

Includes full cab detail in the very small enclosed cab, though this is can be a b****er to get at to paint. But you can have coal spilling from the bunker hatch into footplate if that's what you want.

Provision for OO to P4

Very good and complete instructions in both words and diagrams.

A pleasure to build.


Interestingly you get more etched brass than in many a loco kit for much bigger prototype.



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