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Bachmann 03 with locsound micro


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I've been following the threads on fitting sound to an 03 with interest and recently decided to take the plunge and bought a Locsound micro.

I took the body apart, plugged the decoder in to test it but couldn't get any response on the programing track. So I turned the 6 pin plug around and it then recognised the decoder but the forward/reverse was the wrong way round. I know I can change this on cv29 but decided to check the wiring on the plug and socket first.

The loco socket is wired:

pin 1 white

pin 2 blue

pin 3 orange

pin 4 grey

pin 5 red

pin 6 black

(white and blue are connected to the cab light)


there's no indication of which is pin 1 on the decoder plug but the line up that works (albeit wrongly) is:

pin 1 orange

pin 2 grey

pin 3 red

pin 4 black

pin 5 white

pin 6 yellow


I'm sure I'm being thick but surely the pick up and motor connections must match up at the very least?




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Don't assume a manufacturer follows wiring conventions inside their loco. 

The socket is likely to be wired correctly, with pins 3/4 to track pickup, etc. but the colours could be anything.  Check continuity of wires to end-places with a multi-meter without the decoder (or DC blanking plate) in place.


- Nigel

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