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Comet Collett C70 Corridor 3rd

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Only when I look at the pile of kits.

However, you actually manage to complete some most of your kits!

What I forgot to say in my first post was that, as there seems to be a shortage of many GWR coaches RTR, it seems a shame that more folk don't seem to have the confidence to do some like this Collett. After all, Comet kits  now cost not much more (and in some cases cost less) than some RTR stuff. Strange really as some really talented modellers profess not to be able to tackle metal coaches.

Each to their own I suppose.

Oh yes Horse, HYN by the way and may your mounts all be well behaved and that you only get the trots when hacking.


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I actually think the price of Comet kits shows what a bargain a decent rtr coach is.If you add it all up including time and painting a kit etc ,opening a red or blue box for around £35 sheets is a steal especially the new Hornby [Gresley/Thompson/Maunsell/Hawksworth] coaches of the last few years.

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