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Acrylic Varnish Question

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Hi all, quick question, has anybody successfully mixed gloss and matt acrylic varnishes and produced satin. I ask as I am unable to find any acrylic satin. I usually use enamel, but the transfers I am using disintegrate with the solvents in the varnish.


That leads me to the next question, can acrylic varnish be thinned with water for airbrushing, or is this a big no no.



Thanks in advance, Andy

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I've never tried mixing Matt and gloss varnish, so I can't comment on that properly. However matt varnish is just gloss varnish with a matting agent added so I would advise having a play around and see how you go.


As for thinning - yes you can thin acrylic varnishes with water. I use various brands of varnish, both gloss and matt, and thin them all with de-ionised water of the type you put in a car battery. Apparently using tap water leads to the metals in the water building up inside your airbrush and clogging it up.


I thin the varnish roughly 50/50 with water, but again have a play yourself and see what you find works best.




Edited to give correct information

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