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JLTRT 7mm LMS Lot 869 Goods Van PWW14C

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Dear All


Just Like The Real Thing 7mm models. Has anyone got one of these as I would like a clearer description. According to Essery and Morgan Lot 869 was for a single van built with vacuum brake on Diag 1891. Can anyone confirm what the body is like - is it horizontally planked and does it have the low arc roof profile and corrugated end of the LMS style - like this http://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/lmsvan/e3a5b62ba. Finally, it says Morton brake - does it have that, or does it have the correct clasp brake with auxilliary (J-hanger) suspension for this unique lot 869?


Please note, I am not asking about the later plywood sided corrugated ended van - I have seen photos of that model.


Thanks for any assistance with this.




Paul Bartlett

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