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LENZ LH90 Controller Problem


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Sorry if this has already been covered but couldn't find it.


I have two Lenz LH90 controllers for use on my exhibition layout, Tawford. However I have found that one controller works perfectly, and when I use the other one, the locos often perform eratically - usually accelerating to full power in less than a second and becoming completely undrive-able. Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried putting a small hoover round the control knob to suck out any dust but this doesn't seem to make any difference.


Any advice / solutions would be much appreciated.


Many thanks.

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Doesn't the 90 have a removable cable?


One last thing i'd check before sending it off would be swapping the cables between the two, if the problem is a loose wire then the fault may swap to the other unit, then you'd at least know it was just a cable (easily replaced) and not a more serious issue.

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