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Scratch building a Metropolitan Railway A Class loco

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Dear all,


The 150 year anniversry of the London Underground has inspired me to build a Beyer Peacock Metropolitan Railway A Class loco. However as there are no kits to fit my specification I'm going to have to scratch build it. As with my LT&SR garden railway project I am trying to build this locomotive on a budget and with limited tools. The locomotive will be a battery powered O gauge or gauge one train.


Can any one help me with the following:


Manual control:


I want to be able to run the locomotive by manual control but i'm not sure how to do that. Are there any companies that I can buy manual control equipment for battery operated loco's (not R/C, I want to physically move the regulator to enable to locomotive to increase speed).


Coupling rods & pistons:


Is it possible to build coupling roads from plasticard. I have seen it done once but i'm not sure how this is done. Are there any off the shelf coupling rods which I could buy for the particular locomotive?




Does anyone know where I could get a chimney and boiler dome which can be used for this type of locomotives  either in O gauge or gauge one? 


I hope someone will be able to help as my local club does not work with these scale of locomotives. 






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