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Hornby GWR Green & Bachmann GWR Green?

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I'm just curious on why there is a slight difference in the GWR Green colour on the respective GWR models of Hornby and Bachmann? Bachmann go for the darker green and Hornby go for the middle-ish green.


Comparing the green on the Hornby 2884/38xx and the Bachmann Collett Goods/Pannier, there is a noticeable difference.

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Also, don't forget that GWR had 2 main paintshops,

Swindon and Wolverhampton. They didn't always

agree with each other, plus, paint was mixed to a

written formula, not a colour chart.

This means a personal interpretation of the colour,

sometimes even between batches from the same


Adding to the confusion is the effects of the elements 

and method of cleaning by different sheds.

This could mean both colours are right (plus some



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