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Evening<br />Have been building the end terrace for Lower Queens Road (the house was purchased by the railway when the line extended to Portishead in 1911). It's taken a long time to get this far as I decided (foolishly it turned out) to cut and place each quoin stone by hand. It's all plasticard and strip of varying thickness and section. The lighting rig will be up against the houses hence my only modelling the front inch of them.<br />The infill stonework was going to be Wills Course stone but I've decided it will be inlaid with DAS and then scribed when dry. A bit of a faff, but there isn't any commercial proprietary product I know of that captures Somerset limestone.<br /><br />Have also planted a bit more grass, though I think it will need a top coat of straw.<br /><br />And made a start on the signal cabin shed.<br /><br />On and taken some other photos too.<br /><br />I'm not too far away from finishing this board now. The end is definitely in sight.


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