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Dear friends and fellow bloggers.<br /><br />Well, the day I thought would never come has at long last arrived and I am pleased to inform you that this rambling exercise in cheapo card kit, kit-bashing is finally over with the completion of the station building(s).<br /><br />Their completion marks a milestone for me: I've at long last actually finished something and although it may sound from these mutterings of mine that the whole adventure has been somewhat of an endurance, in point of fact I've rather quite enjoyed the experience! Now, I can only put this down to my new found mental approach to modelling alluded to in a previous post: everything is a compromise - perfection is an unattainable goal, even for the best; learn to accept them and move on.<br /><br />This is not to say that I'm totally pleased with the fruits of my labours: for all I like about it, this kit has its limitations and I certainly have mine, although mine would take far longer to list. I'll try and give e.g.s in the captions that accompany the following foties below*. Still, it's finished and although it certainly doesn't bear close scrutiny, it's not too bad from a distance ......of ten feet or so, specs off, eyes screwed - that camera lens certainly does it no favours btw and as for the fool operating it.........<br /><br />Nevertheless, for all its failings, I rather like it/them; nay; I'm actually quite fond of them. Laser cut nor 3D, proud etchings nor the creations of master modellers they aint - not even the quality of a decent card kit like a Metcalfe - but I love them all the same. They might have only cost a fraction of those in the aforementioned noble list, with their appendages of off-cuts and other bits of left overs inhabiting my desk , but I have nurtured, smiled, wept (in equal measure) and upon them lovingly bestowed everything in my extremely limited skill set. In fact, I almost consider them offspring! (well, not quite, but I hope my exaggeration amply illustrates that they'll do.) Now I'm worn out.<br /><br />So, 'nuff said. Here they are, warts 'n' all................ (hope not too many)<br /><br /><br /><br />Finally, to all you dyed-in-the-wool Great Westerners out there who not only have to suffer the misfortune of reading this diatribe but may also be offended by the results of my handiwork, may I say this: though my humble creations may not share the pedigree of some - this is certainly not the ubiquitous, alcoholic B.L.T. of deepest Devon or exquisite Oxfordshire alluded to by Stephen Williams in his many journals about modelling the Great Western - with their worn architecture and alien appearance, this makes them no less part of 'Gods Wonderful' and all it entails, and as with their more familiar and celebrated cousins of Crediton, South Brent, and Chipping Norton, I hope you will also consider them so and take them to your hearts.<br /><br />Best wishes,<br /><br />Jonte<br /><br />*If you don't mind folks, I'll add these a little later as I need to pop out. Thanks for popping in and hope to see you later.


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