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What I saw on the way to/from the office

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I take the VRE (Virginia Railway Express) from my home in Manassas to downtown Washington, DC every work day. When I get into DC I transfer to the Metro for a short ride to the Washington Navy Yard. My commute is a total of 27 miles and takes about a little more than an hour each way. If I drove I could easily double that time - and it's much harder to take a nap when driving!


I usually have my cell phone with me - typically I listen to podcasts on these commutes - but if I see something neat on either the NS or CSX I take a picture. For those unfamiliar with VRE, the Manassas line starts at Broad Run station in Gainesville and runs on NS tracks until it reaches Alexandria. From Alexandria to DC the VRE runs on CSX rails. IF there's a delay that's not weather related it's ALWAYS on CSX tracks. There's also a very noticeable difference in the quality of CSX vs. NS trackwork.


Here's a few pictures currently sitting on my phone - not sure exactly when I took some of these -


Amtrak heritage unit at Washington Union Station -


A well-weathered Railbox rolls by Alexandria:



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