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Had a mixed show at Stafford last weekend.<br />The venue, organisation and exhibition itself was great, as was the hospitality.<br />Had some dodgy running to start off with, but things gradually settled down.<br /><br />Saturday was steam and green diesel and unfortunately I discovered that sheeted diag 1/051 wagons are not air braked. That is the air doesn't slow their descent when they're driven off the edge of the fiddle yard by a co-operator. Grrr.<br /><br />Total wipeout I'm afraid. Most of the underframes have been damaged beyond repair and will need new W irons, springs, tie bars etc. Thankfully only 1 wagon actually came apart, but most bits are loose.<br /><br />Saturday saw 1970s and onward running and I took a few photos on the phone. The little Ruston performed admirably.<br /><br />Next outing will be Scalefour North in April.


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