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ESU 51970 I/O Expansion Board

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If, like me, you have a Heljan Class 76 and you want to raise and lower the pantographs using servos. you may be interested to know that the Input/Output Expansion Board that ESU announced in 2012 fo use with their V4 decoders is now available from dealers in Germany. I'm sure that they'll soon be on sale in the UK from the usual ESU retailers.


The specification is somewhat better than the product description on the ESU web site, at least according to the Installation and User Manual supplied with the Expansion Board and is:


  • 8 additional function outputs AUX3 to AUX10 of which 4 ( AUX7 to AUX10 ) can be switched to operate 5V servos. Each output can supply up to 250mA, and the total drawn by all 8 outputs cannot exceed 1 Amp.
  • 2 sensor inputs, of which one is intended for chuff synchronisation and the other can be used to trigger functions in the loco.
  • Smoke unit control.
  • SUSI interface.
  • Connection points for the 54670 powerpack, useful if you don't like the idea of soldering direct to a V4 Loksound.

There is as yet no downloadable copy of the manual on the ESU web site, but I have posted scans of the original german manual and of my own translation of it in this thread on ESU's own users forum.


So if you're looking to operate servos or need extra outputs for lights, or want to create your own smokin' diesels this may fit the bill, at a price.

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