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Some further experiments based on the 'ask the audience' responses from last time with those mineral wagons.<br /><br />First the 'house coal' sized stuff.<br /><br />The outer two have heaps added using Das clay to look something like the grab loaded wagons visible in photos of Kingswear (which were probably destined for Torquay gasworks, but never mind). The coal is stuck on using Jerry's tip of mixing black acrylic with the PVA which seems to cover up the whiteness of the Das quite nicely.<br /><br />Left to right we have Welsh, Daw Mill (still without heaps) and Anthracite.<br /><br /><br /><br />I'll probably stick with different coals in different wagons because it's good to have some variety when portraying deliveries to a coal merchant.<br /><br />Then onto the more boulder sized experiments for loco coal...<br /><br />At the right hand end we have 3 wagons with mostly unchanged from the last posting - Anthracite, Daw Mill (with extra effort from the hammer) and Welsh.<br /><br />The two at the left hand end have been subjected to some coatings. The left hand wagon is Anthracite again but coated with Dullcote. This one definitely didn't turn out as expected and has completely lost the grey colour that I was trying to keep, so that'll be a failure. The second one is the original Daw Mill load (with bigger boulders) but painted with a thin wash of Humbrol mid grey enamel. It has made a noticeable difference but the wash tends to collect in the crevices between the coal lumps, so I'm not sure that I'll pursue this method any further. Spraying a thin mist of paint might still be an option but it seems like a bit of a faff.<br /><br />On the whole I'm preferring the untreated coal - both of the coated ones seem to lose a certain something and are heading back towards uniformity. Which one is best depends a lot on the light. In daylight I prefer the Anthracite but in other lights it can look pretty odd, so maybe the Daw Mill might be the best compromise.<br /><br />


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