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A variation on the Hornby Midi TrakMat...The Start of!


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Having built the full TrakMat in N-gauge, I've been thinking about building it in OO for a while.


The problem is the sheer size of it!

Having looked at the Midi TrakMat it looks to be almost identical, but without the bottom siding looping round and up the right hand side and the inner station siding not quite complete.


Having been to a number of exhibitions I now know that when the children are playing, and to save my sanity, they don't operate the points, but just rally the locos round the track.

They do after a while like to stop the locos at the station, on the inner loop as there is nothing on the outer loop of the TrakMat.

Therefore I thought I could build the Midi-Mat...well it's basically the TrakMat but without the top siding or the bottom siding which runs up the right hand side.

I've added another cross-over so it's easier to run into the inner loop then back out again, but I'm also adding an extra grand station building so that the trains have somewhere to stop be it on the outer or inner loop and the centre siding station/ goods shed.


The plan shows this below:-




The red lines show where the baseboard joins will be, had to try and work out where all of the points would be so they didn't cross and join.

Doing it this way also allowed me to use standard sized baseboards, which I bought from Model Railway Solutions, the baseboard build can be found in the link below:-




I still have to glue and screw the baseboard tops down, but I just couldn't resist the temptation, I've had these locos for a year or more and Kestrel has never been out of the box......bloody shocking!!


Anyway this may not seem like much but, seeing them run round an oval gives a great sense of satisfaction, to me any way.

Just to get them running, I have connected one set of wires which can just about be seen to the track and used the Hornby point clips to give power to the whole layout.



Hopefully I can start to make progress on this now, I still can't believe just how big this is, the baseboards are sat on top of my N-gauge TrakMat layout, which is dwarfed by this.


Still OO trains are running!







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