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A rare chance to do some testing after dinner. Three trains on the circuit:

  • HF 110 number 4 (with tender) and three two axles coaches: Made it to the top no problem
  • HF 110 number 23 (no tender) and two bogie goods wagons: A bit of a struggle...
  • ZB U. 1 plus three two axles coaches: A failure, all wagons made it onto the incline, but that's all she wrote!
Even reducing the slope slightly didn't get U 1 up the hill, funny because when I did some tests earlier U 1 carried more than the HF 110's....


Here you can see the victors of tonight's mountain challenge:




And here is the measure by which they were vetted:




At least this lot didn't have problems keeping hold of the train they were towing!


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