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Par Station & St Blazey Depot, 1980's Cornish Mainline in N scale

cornish trains jez

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Good evening,


Well, I arrived home this evening to a package containing another one of Chris Marchant’s marvels. 50034 has finally arrived and is a stunning model. Here’s a few photos taken on the iPhone so please excuse the quality of them. To be honest, the photos don’t do the model justice.









Best regards,



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Hi Jeremy, the class fifty looks very nice indeed. I too saw the pictures of 50034 at Euston, in August 1989, with a what looks like a train of mixed mark 2 stock, similar to what was being used at the time on New Street to Paddington trains.


Thanks Andy. I agree it’s MK2 stock and could well be a diverted New Street to Paddington service.

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