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1955 (NER/LNER/BR) Snow Plough Livery?

Wild Boar Fell

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Hello Everyone,

I have recently purchased one of the Britannia Pacific Models LNER Snowploughs with the aim or finishing it as 900572 in the condition it appeared in the British Transport Film "Snowdrift at Bleath Gill", From watching the film it would appear to me that most of the vehicle including the plough is black however, it looks like the number/ data panels are either unfinished/plain wood or grey possibly? Does anyone know any more about the livery it would be carrying please?

The left hand side shows the following


900572  xxxxxxxxxx (A LOCATION)


26 - 7 - 0


Photo of the otherside which I think is more recent shows the writing;


DE 900572



Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Wild Boar Fell


EDIT: Just found that 900572 is a different build of plough to the Britannia Pacific one.

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Hi Wild


The allocation of the plough is Darlington. I believe it would have been all black livery. 


The other plough which the PW staff do not ride in is a NER/LNER built wooden beastie, there is a drawing in Peter Tatlow's first book on LNER wagons.


As for the Britiannia Models plough it is based on the same type as 900572 but I think it is wrong. The chassis wheel base is 7ft 6 ins + 7ft 6ins, a common wheelbase for LMS and GWR tenders but not NER or LNER tenders, these were built on redundant tenders. They were also vacuum braked something the LNER tenders had but not LMS or GWR tenders, they were steam braked.


Here is model of the NER steel plough before painting.




This is the sketch I done before making it. The tender frame is from a B16 drawing.



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Hi Clive,

Thanks for you help,

However 900572 definitely isn't of the type made by Britannia Pacific, 

900572 is one of the 1909 NER built wooden ploughs,



The BP model is of this plough ABD990 (Transfer included give this number)

Which is a steel built plough, has a completely different back and is near flush sided (I would also guess that it is of a much later build)



900572 as far as I am aware is based on the type in the Peter Tatlow book, and comparing this with the BP model it is more than 2cm (in scale) shorter than the kit.



Wild Boar Fell

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