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Some weathered Alco's


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Layout(plank!) is in it's very early stages where as the locos have been accumulated over several years, Interchange is with Conrail or Springfield Terminal with inspiration from the Battenkill hence the name, although a C630M is stretching credibility (Bowser  WNYP 432 on order!) slight here are some more.





Finally the some of the CR power



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Any excuse is ok for a C630M, after all the A&M had at least one!  


Loving this.bob- takes me back to my earliest US outline pike which was an all Alco Shortline....




(oh apart from some SD24/35)


I still have them all boxed away, but they're all in SP now apart from the C420 which is in A&M.... that was a decalling challenge I can tell you!

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Scotia Coal RS2 very nicely done looks cleaner than the real one! I came across those Flickr photos some time ago, some real gems among the shortline set, Shamrock Coal!

Thanks! It looks dirtier in the plastic than in the pic, I guess it's the vividness of the yellow. I'll try another pic when I've finished it completely. There are some great ones alright, must check out more of them for further inspiration.


Love your Alcos by the way, you just can't beat them!

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