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Display cases for O gauge locos.


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When I was digging my paint box out of the cupboard earlier today to do some painting on my Seven Duke back plat, I came across this display case which was a Christmas present last year. Apart from trying a couple of locos for size, I haven't done anything with it as I need to make a suitable plinth with some rail on first.


The case is meant for displaying plastic warship kits but it would be suitable for O gauge loco models up to 4-6-0 tender size. I just managed to squeeze my Britannia in, but the buffers were hard pressed against each end of the perspex top. They are less than 20 pounds to buy so would be an economic option for any body on a tight budget.




They are available in various sizes as per the illustrations on the box below so you could get smaller ones for tank locos. I'm sure some of them would be suitable 4mm models also.



They are made by Trumpeter who are a well known Chinese brand of plastic model kit makers. I'm sure that they will be available from model shops or you can buy on the internet from the below importer.



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