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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Poppies Mk2

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While the ballast was busy drying (takes a while!), I amused myself by working on a little idea that came to me while doing the wiring the other day. Firstly I took a bit of red wire insulation with the wire removed and shoved (there is no better word for this!), a bit of thinner black insulation right up it (they don't like it up them Mr Mainwaring!). I then cut the very finest slices off the end of this then attached a bit of field grass which had been dipped in super glue and suddenly we have a much more fine scale poppy.



Poppies in production.




And here, a few added to the layout. Note the carefully positioned carrying party setting off down the communications trench - the first one is just in front of the covered section suggesting there are more underneath and also obscuring the fact that he is exactly the same as the one in front!


Also fitted point levers, another of those little details that really add up. They are KB Scale plastic ones but I replaced the actual levers with brass ones I made up as didn't reckon the plastic ones would make it past the first track cleaning session!


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