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GWR Coral A 3D printed kit


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Hi just seen this on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GWR-Coral-A-No-41723-Two-Part-Print-with-FUD-Sprue-/301023327073?pt=UK_Trains_Railway_Models&hash=item4616637361


Certainly a step up from the old Ks kit.



Looks like a new way to produce models otherwise unlikely to come from the mainstream suppliers. I bought one of their previous kits, although I haven't got round to building it yet I was impressed by the level of detail. I'm certainly in the market for a couple of these when funds allow.


Looks like a promising new entrant to the market and one to watch.



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Hi All,


I helped out with the research for this kit (having access to the sole survivor) and got sent a complimentary print of this kit (thanks!). VERY nice it is too! Makes all the work I put into my ancient Ks version last year look a bit silly. Never mind, Ks one in BR and the Hazelwood one in late GWR livery me thinks. I only did the Ks one in BR as I had never seen it modelled before!


I haven't built it yet but I can take a few pictures if anyone is interested?


I must finish my other two POLLEN Es too... The first two I built were very easy to do. It took more time to do the loads.


All the best,



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