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Good News from Sebnitz


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Readers who have visited one of my favourite areas of Germany, the Sächsische Schweiz, will doubtless know the town of Sebnitz, home of Tillig TT. Sebnitz is located directly by the German-Czech border, and at present a short cross-border rail link between Sebnitz on the line from Bad Schandau to Neustadt/Sachsen and Dolni Poustevna (Niedereinsiedel) is being rebuilt. The main line between Bad Schandau and Neustadt (Sebnitztalbahn or Sächsische Semmeringbahn) is a shadow of its former self, often on lists of routes for the chop, and the decision to invest in the border-crossing will go a long way to securing its future.

Here are some interesting links - the Czech website has a stack of fantastic photos!









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